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Who are we? Well, with the greatest possible humility we have to admit … we’re famous. The Chief Flight Instructor, Pete Wilson, has flown and taught in countries all over the world including China, Fiji, Cambodia, Britain, Dubai – even Australia. Pete flew one of two amphibious trikes in Valencia, Spain for the America’s Cup. When you run a multi-multi-million-dollar yacht race syndicate you want the very best in the world, so you go out to find them. They’re both Australian and one of them is Pete Wilson. So in your wildest dreams, who would you like to be taught by? If you learn to fly with us, guess who your Instructor will be … Do you just want to fly? The thing is you can get your licence in 20 hours or so instead of the average 50 or so hours the boring sort of licence takes. And it costs a lot less per hour. If you plan a career in aviation you can learn in an Ultralight (a 3-axis, like the Jabiru 160).It’s the more cost-effective fast track to your General Aviation Private Pilot Licence and it’s a heap more fun. Airescape is one of only two full time sport and recreational pilot training facilities in Australia which offer both Weightshift (Microlight) and 3-axis (Ultralight) tuition. Airescape’s most famous student is probably Dick Smith, aviator, adventurer and businessman, jet pilot, helicopter pilot, the first man to circumnavigate the world solo in a helicopter, former Australian of the Year, Airescape student, customer and friend, who says simply


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Microlight Lessons!

Weightshift microlights – often called “trikes” – look a little like powered hang-gliders. For your first lesson or Trial Flight you will be in the passenger seat (the back seat if you like) but you’ll be able to fly the aircraft from there and get your first feel of the controls and how they work. By the second lesson you can be in the front seat with the instructor safely behind you able to take full control at any time.

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  • 405 Wee Jasper Rd
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